Anglo & Company Wasabi 36 reveiw


Nice review Dr.Tom! I always enjoy what you write. I do have my own perspective but I enjoy yours. Thank you!

Thanks for sharing, how did you go about ordering this rod?

Tom, nice review. I’ve been seeing the Anglo & Company tenkara rods on websites and tenkara blogs for years and often wondered what they are like. Now I know.

Anglo & Company (spinning) rods also have fans among unexpected families.

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Always interesting posts!

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Tom, thank you very much, great story. David is a great example! Good spinning, in good hands.:grin:

I contact them by email at the address on their “Contact Us” tab on their website.

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Yeah, I saw that picture when I was doing research for the blog post. What is it with that guy and going shirtless. :roll_eyes: I’m not a fan of our president, but I am glad he doesn’t elect to go shirtless when he’s on vacation! :nauseated_face:

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Thank you I sent an email.

First of all, the shirtless guy is a fisherman. For the fisherman, the main fishing rod and fish. On fishing we rest and distract from the whole world. He may be a regular guy like you and me. And it is great! For his age, he is in great shape. I hope my Google translator correctly translated my words. Glad to talk to us.:grin:


I received an e-mail back from Angelo and Co. For the 360 Wasabi it’s $276 usd shipped. Not bad considering the quality. Once again Dr Tom has convinced me to get yet another rod!

Well I placed my order, can’t wait to try this rod.


I received confirmation, they are sending the rod via air mail and said it should arrive in 2-3 days. That’s shockingly fast.

I look forward to hearing about how you like the rod. Can you do an end of season review?

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You bet!


All I can say about this rod is WOW. It arrived, I just got back from hiking and could resist. Went to the canal near me and third cast a brown, after that it was almost non stop. Only 2 rainbows but many browns.


I am assuming you enjoyed the feel of the rod, the casting with it, as much as or more than, the catching of the fish. If that is the case, you made a good choice. Finish on the rod and the rod sock look very nicely done.

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I feel like they had to of designed the rod specifically for me. It is very easy to cast, no overshoot, only requires a small elbow chop with the slightest wrist flick. My son came with me the other day and we switched back and forth with the XL1 and the Wasabi. The XL felt fairly heavy and clunky compared to the Wasabi.

Not much beats being extremely pleased with a new purchase. And quick too, less than a week from order placed till rod received. If it also proves to be a robust rod you ought to enjoy fishing with it for many years.
Excuse the dumb question. An XL or XL1 rod doesn’t ring a bell of recognition, what rod is that?