Another good article from Adam Trahan


Good read. Thank you for sharing.


Oh my goodness, that was so nice of you!

I’m crazy about tenkara.

I’m going to take as many of you along with me as I can. And if you crazier than me, I’m going with you.

Follow me.

Just picked up a back up 4.5m rod and I’m rigging lines for it.

Got my new Ferrari for honryu tenkara, let’s go!


I’ve been thinking about getting a white water raft for the fishing I’ve been doing up in Idaho. A pack raft may be a great option too. Which model / features is that one? That would probably be great for Alaska backcountry too.

I also own the Carabou, Explorer 42 and the Gnarwhal.

The tandem Oryx will handle up to class 2.

Watch vids, serious? Rent one. Try to find a mentor.

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That is an excellent post. One that I have saved to be re-read several times.Thank you for sharing Adam.


What do they say?

Even a broken clock is right two times a day, unless it is digital…


I’m learning.

What I see is that tenkara is more programming more than a recipe or equipment.

The more people understand fishing, the more they understand the simple techniques of tenkara.

Marketing has absolutely nothing to do with tenkara. Popularity, people or who they know just has no bearing on this type of fishing.

Experience matters.

When you go fishing, listen to your equipment. Use your eyes and your skill.

Forget the Internet.

Walk away and disconnect and reconnect with your experiences.

That’s what I do.

So much fun after all these years!

I’m just getting started.