Anybody know anything about Daiwa Minomushi rods?

These suckers are interesting, and I haven’t found anything about them in english or through a translated search as well. Maybe David Walker can help out with his awesome translation and google-fu?

I’m having a hard time finding a similar rod in Daiwa’s lineup with a conventional build- like, same length and number of sections and collapsed size. So I’m not sure if there is another rod that may be more well-known, to compare for sake of action/penny rating/etc.
The page talks of a 7:3 rating. It’s rated for 7X to 5X.
I’m wondering if a Minomushi 45 or 51 would work for my big fish needs? They aren’t much if purchased directly from Japan, and it’s an interesting and unique rod.

I could be totally wrong on this, but I swore that in the late autumn I read on a Japanese blog (don’t remember which one because I’m at work right now! haha :zipper_mouth:) that these rods were being discontinued. Not to mention that I read it using G-translate.

Lol I can’t find anything abut them

I remember we kicked this can around a little back in Dec on TFForum
Discovered there is a Tenkara Neo Minomushi, different rod, bu using the same Minomushi Concept as the Kiyoshi Minomushi rod. Giving it the label - Minomushi Grip.

Anyway, doing a google search with " ダイワのミノムシ竿 "

I found a listing on an auction site, Two 4.5m + Two 3.8m rod, registered on Jan 14th or today Jan 16th:

There is a 9:25 minute video on Nico, 渓流釣りがしたくなって・・・テンカラ編 (I want to fish a mountain stream … Tenkara edition)
I can not watch it because I am not registered there and don’t want to. But you can login with a Twitter or Facebook account.
This is the description of the video.

Hello, it is Satoshi.
It’s time to say it is Tenkara Season
I went to a mountain stream fishing with a new rod.
This time, I used Daiwa’s Minomushi for the first time but it was a good feeling!

Maybe or maybe not worth watching to see if anything significant can be learned about the rod, But it is possible that in the video he is using a Neo Minomushi but only wrote Minomushi in the description.

Maybe something else will turn up later.

Today I am seeing a similar problem I found while looking for this in Dec. Websites seem to print the name of what you are looking for all over their web page, but their page has nothing to do with that, they are selling something completely unrelated. Like furniture, or healthcare. Do a google search with ダイワのミノムシ竿 , and you will see these bogus websites listed in the video section. Most say Daiwa ダイワ(Daiwa) NEO テンカラミノムシ 33. Have the same thumbnail image, but different web link. I’ve seen this with searches for other rods models from time to time. Very annoying.


**Odd, I put in the hyper link to the Nico video, the Thumbnail image shows up in the preview, but when I post the message only a blank space is displayed. **

If you change the following to a proper URL you can see the video - http://www dot nicovideo dot jp/watch/sm26225901

Unfortunately I feel like the only way for us to find out anything conclusive is for me to be the guinea pig, which i might do lol.


Hahaha. Well if you are the guinea pig, at least you won’t be out a lot of money if you do get it. :wink:

You may be correct not much can be found.

DAIWA minomusi rod - Web site

DAIWA : NEO minomusi tenkara rod

fly-style tenkara rod

ダイワ NEO テンカラ ミノムシ 33 ・・・・・・・・・・ Web search name

portability for mountains

Thank you. I already have looked at the Daiwa pages for these rods, but was hoping to find an actual review from anybody who had used one.

I tried it on the net and
I contacted the manufacturer

The blog of the person who used it----------------------------------------------------


-Opinion of those who purchased---------------------------------------------------


60代 男性購入者



2016年07月02日 購入しました!



Using G-translate and my minimal knowledge, here’s the best that I could come up with for the time being.

-Opinion of those who purchased -------------------------------------------- -------

Atom Dad

Male purchasers in their 60s

Design: 3
Ease of carrying: 5
Rod action: 4
Resistance to bending: 3
Weight: 4

Ease of use
It is a bit of a strange rod, but it has power and it is easy to cast.
The choice of line/tippet is important because it is a stiff rod.

I bought it on July 02, 2016!

Recently, Daiwa seems to be mainly focusing on lower grade series.
If this is a desired length, we would recommend this even if it is close to double the price.
It is designed so that all the blanks fit within the handle (grip).
Because of its portability this is especially compatible for trekking combined with Mountain fishing. (Not quite sure how to translate ザック “with Zach” isn’t correct. The most common meaning I saw was ugly.)

However it is very comparable to Daiwa’s neotenkara rod for dedicated fly line usage.

The line (monofilament) tends to be somewhat difficult to cast with the first movement.
In contradiction to this, it is a rather short rod, but it seems to be fully usable for bait fishing and it seems to be a versatile rod for fishing in the upper stream parts.

Substituting ざっく for ザック. I think the sentence means it is - roughly / generally / mostly - compatible for mountain fishing, especially trekking, because of it’s portability.
2¢ translation, worth as much.

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ザック = Small trekking pack

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:grinning: It did cross my mind that zakku , might be Sack.
And a basic backpack can be made by closing the top of a sack with a Miller’s knot and tying the ends of the line to the bottom corners.
But did not because digital translation did not suggest that translation.
I should have tried changing ザック, zakku. to サック, sakku, which does translate as Sack.
I should have just Googled - ザック

Substituting サック for ザック the sentence becomes:

If it is the desired length
We recommend (it to ) you even if it is nearly double the price
Designed (so) that blanks all fall within the grip is excellent compatibility with the sack (aka backpack) in portability combined with mountain fishing, especially trekking …


It’s funny and fun G-translation
I am very fun


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This is why this is great to have so many people here. It makes our learning that much better.

Either I can rewrite it later tonight, or someone else can do a corrected version.

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