Anyone been to Andorra?

I’ve been no northern Catalunya, but never the actual Pyrenees. Me and my girlfriend has been talking about making a trip this year and Japan might be off the budget.
I wonder if anyone here has been to Andorra?

It’s a place that has been on my list for quite a few years.

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Principat d’Andorra trip

Can I also participate kebari that I made was on that trip

If you do not mind, please send the address to my private e-mail

I am examining the situation of the river at Google Earth :smile:

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That’s one place I’ve always wanted to go to. Ever since reading Hemingway’s “For whom the bell tolls” as a teenager, I’ve wanted to go and fish in that region.

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Thank you! I will do that!

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Never been to Andorra. After watching FIM WTC (world trials championship) event that was held there several years ago I thought it would be a fun place to visit. I’m not aware of any WTC events held there in recent years only local club events. However, I do not follow them as closely as I did ten years ago. The world’s best riders make it look easy. Me I can barely jump over a log or ride along it’s length. Here’s a short Youtube video of a local event in Andorra last year. These guys are good but not in the same class as the top FIM WTC riders. They ride motorcycles over terrain that would be difficult to walk over.

Youtube TRIAL GP Andorra 2017! | Best Moments…

Joakim. Good luck on your planned trip. I hope you will give us a report about it. :smiley:

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A lot of information came out when searching by Principat d’Andorra fishing trip
It’s a nice place :star_struck:

I am tying a kebari to send


Peder, you mentioned Hemingway. Turns out there exist Hemingway Tenkara Gear. Who would have guessed. :open_mouth:

As mentioned in Todoroki-san’s link that many people had never heard of this small country. I had never heard of Andorra until I saw the WTC motorcycle trials event held there years ago.

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Hi Joakim,

I’ve been fishing during a week in Northern Cataluña late July.
It’s located a few kilometres from Andorra, so the rivers are pretty the same, but the life in Spain and the fishing permit, will be less expensive.

There are a lot of nice rivers like Noguera Pallaresa or Nogera de Cardos in Tavascan or Vall d’Aneu. These mountain streams are perfect for Tenkara fishing …and there are plenty of brown trout on them . In the rivers above 2000m you’ll fish white spotted char

If you want to fish on Hemingway’s river, named Rio Irati , you have to go near Pamplona , the river is located 500km East from Andorra.

Yvon Zill , a French guide that also fish with Tenkara gear may guide you to that river :

Hope that will help for your trip .



Nice kebari Todoroki!

Thank you JeanSantos!
All information helps, and yes Andorra seems a little more expensive than northern Catalunya but my girlfriend wants to shop there. :smile:

It sounds like you’ll have a lot of free time for your fishing while she is in the free tax shops

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Yeah! :smiley:
But she has her own rod too! Love watching her catching fish.

Ready to send is complete :smile:
All are traditional tenkara-kebari
Size is around # 12
I’ve been fishing with such kebari from long ago :wink:



akiyama-go kebari

With gratitude :hugs:


Now, it is me who is lost for words! Beautiful!

I sent by air mail from Nagano at 9 o’clock today

Have a nice trip and pleasant fishing :smiley:

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Will send you pictures of trout with your flies in their mouth. Thank you!


Dear Todoroki-san: I feel so jealous of Joakim’s flies. I’m perhaps planning to return fishing near Andorra :sunglasses:


Thank you for your compliment :wink:

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Merci pour votre compliment

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Thank you so much Todoroki-san for your fantastic kebari. They arrived safely today!
Amazingly, they look even better in reality than in pictures!

I’m sending you some of my kebari.