Anyone have experience with the shimotsuke kozasa 150cm 4.9ft mountain stream rod

shimotsuke kozasa 150cm 4.9ft’ Mountain Stream

im looking for a short (under 6’) rod and this is one option. anyone used one or have experience or know of any reviews?

I haven’t used one. I do like to fish tiny streams though and have been thinking of ordering a Kongo Seseragi which goes down to 1.8m. If it actually casts well and isn’t crazy stiff like many small rods it would be awesome.

It’s fairly stiff and doesn’t cast very well.

It’s a glass rod so you probably will not need replacement parts - but you might.
If you do need replacement parts they probably will fit - but they might not.

Like everything else in life, you pay for what you get, and with the Kozasa 150 you aren’t paying much.


is there any info out there about its penny rating, etc?

Neil- it’s one of the rods i started out with, fishing tiny urban creeks for tiny fish. It’s a perfectly fine option for very short casts or just dropping a weighted hook in front of you, but it’s hard to enjoy fishing with it, IMO. I think in similar price/length range, the Kiyotaki is a more fun rod.

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