Atlantic Salmon

I am trying for the third season. I usually have one full day I dedicate to it, then a couple hours here and there.

My buddy Matt and I hit the river on black friday every year. This year my friend Scott joined us. They fished a fly rod and reel, a much more practical choice…hahahaha.

The morning started at 26 degrees Fahrenheit…then warmed up. I had two swipes, but zero hookups. I fished the Kyogi 18, with a 4-6 weight floating mainline. The pics are deceiving as the water is actually moving at a decent clip. A cast at noon would quickly swing to nine within a 5-7 count.

Its a bit of a futile exercise as I really struggle understanding the tipping point in technique. My first year I hooked a 26" salmon on the sato, long enough to get the bug. Since then I just get the followers and the swirls, but no conversions yet…now that I an using a meat stick.


Very nice day
You are loved by nature when you are in nature

To more than you love nature :smiley:

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It was so cold. Nature forced me to wrap up like the pilsbury dough boy. So well insulated…if i fell over i would have floated like a dry fly down current…hahaha.

Nature definitely held the good cards…but she did share her beautiful scenery.


Cool pics! Can’t wait for a catch report on the Kyogi with some salmon! Good luck!