Austin, Texas, and / or Hill Country

Anyone fishing tenkara / untenkara / fixed-line in & around Austin, Texas, or the Hill Country? Any recommendations? I’ll be out visiting my folks in early October and might have some time to hit the water. Just don’t know where or for what.

All tips / information / questionable speculation appreciated.

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I hope you hook up with someone.

When I visit a new place, I google earth it first. Fly around, get the lay of the land. Where I’m staying, how close are the watersheds. Then I start looking at cheap guide books of the area online. I might buy one or three and read them to get the lay of the land.

Then I go back to google earth and fly around my target scoping out the water.

I make notes on my phone, a couple of screen shots.

I sometimes but rarely give a shout out but before I do, I did all this first. If I hook up, I feel like I can contribute, if not, I listen.

Most of the time my homework pays off.

I caught trout in Kauai this way.

But, that’s the way I do it.

I hope you hook up with someone and catch a lot of fish and have a blast.

Practice tenkara your way.


Google Earth is great, I also use Gaia GPS since it has a variety of maps that are useful. I can layer public and private land maps and figure out how the access might be. They also have USFS MVUM maps and a variety of others.

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I use it too @cc121

It is awesome.

I do all my homework in Google Earth and Gaia.

@Evan3000 - the Tenkara USA crew has featured that specific area quite a bit, the link to the podcast below is a good listen. There’s a fly shop in Round Rock (Living Waters) that does the tenkara thing for guadalupe bass and whatnot, I’m sure they could get you dialed in. Plus, it’s right across from the famous donut shop, so worth the trip regardless.

Tenkara Fishing Tips : Tenkara fishing in Texas, a new podcast episode is up


Hey Michael, thanks! That’s super helpful.