Backpacking High Mountain Lakes - Tenkara Fly Fishing Video

I am posting this because it really captures the flavor and essence of what I like to do. However, I usually do not get to consistently catch fish in this size range:


Thanks for the video Karl!
I am currently in -30c weather in Canada, so watching that video helped today!

Super fun video!

Needed that.

Thank you.

Good video and nice cutties for sure, thanks

I certainly do not miss those days when I was growing up. Thanks to climate change (and the fact that I moved), the coldest we’ve been regularly seeing is -25c. It used to be that from Christmas through the end of February it was that cold every day. The past 10 years we’ll maybe see a week of those temps and that’s plenty for me.

What a great video! Beautiful fish too - size and health. A good video for COVID therapy inspiration.

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