Bivies, Tents and Hammocks

There’s a variety of tents and hammocks out there. I just thought this would be a good thread to show off your sleeping arrangements whether you sleep on the ground or suspend from a tree. I’m a ground sleeper but I won’t shirk renting a cabin from time to time! For backpacking alone I have a Hilleberg Soulo. The Soulo is a 4 season tent but I prefer the protection since many of the places I fish are in the mountains during the fall. If a snowstorm should happen at the higher elevations, that tent will handle it. If my wife and I backpack we’ll use a Hilleberg Kaitum 3. We like the space and the protection it affords. For car camping alone, I have a small two person tent made by Cedar Ridge. It was inexpensive and quick to set up. I also have a 4 person Eureka Timberline for extended car camping trips.

Hilleberg Soulo in the White Mountain Wilderness, NM

Hilleberg Kaitum, Sante Fe National Forest

Cedar Ridge 2p in the Gila National Forest. Willow Creek and Gila Trout are right behind the tent.

Eureka Timberline in Caprock Canyons

That damn timberline lol.
I spent many nights in those while in boy scouts.
Not the lightest or fastest for setup but it’s sturdy and roomy.

I’m still waiting on my custom specced tarp and bivy from borah gear.

I agree. Used one up in the Boundary Waters and it got us through a huge thunderstorm one summer. You see that extra guy line that crosses in the photo? There’s one on the other side going in the opposite direction. A big cold front came through with winds gusting to 40 and you couldn’t hardly tell inside the tent.

No picture handy, but my tent of choice is a TarpTent Rainbow. I primarily backpack (little or no car camping) so its light weight is key. Easy set up, sturdy and plenty of room solo.

I was hoping someone would have the Rainbow. I’m considering getting one. I like the design. Did you seam seal it yourself or have them do it? How is the condensation? I’ve had a hybrid wall tent before and didn’t have problems with severe condensation.

Haha, so true Chris, so true.

I grew up camping and fishing there! Have you seen the media storm going on about it? Well, that and lots of our other public lands. But I digress. Awesome place, regardless.

@mak1277 I’ve never heard of the Rainbow before.

I’ve been trying to decide what to get next. I’ve always been a ground sleeper, though have recently considered night time levitation. Last summer I finally laid to rest my TNF Starlight that I bought the year before I started college. It saw many a night and endured much abuse. We went through a lot together - including 3.5 weeks in the Boundary Waters!

For the most part, whatever I get next, I will be using it alone 90% of the time. <------ enough said.

I had then do the seam sealing for me…it was well worth the $20 (at the time) to know it was being done right. I’ve only had one instance of bad condensation, but that was a function of poor site selection and not only the tent’s fault. There are numerous ways to ventilate. Obviously you’ll have better results with a double or hybrid wall, but it hasn’t been bad. You can also buy a liner which would help.

I thought about zpacks when I searching for tents. No doubt they make quality (and super light) products, but I wasn’t willing to pay more than double what I did for my tarptent.

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I’ve been watching zpacks business grow over the past couple years, seems like they’ve been successful.

I felt the same way last year - though I haven’t bought anything yet.

It’s definitely expensive, but cuben fiber usually is. I like that it already comes taped and seem sealed.

If I was doing it all over again from scratch I would try a bivy and basic tarp setup.

I have a 3p Nemo tent for backpacking with my gf and dog. It’s a palace, easy to set up and split up weighs a little over 2 pounds each. I like it.

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Last summer there was a wicked good deal on the then new Sierra Designs Flash 3 for $189, thinking my wife, dog and I would use it. Long story short I ended up returning it. In the end I think I’m glad for it because a lot of reviews online have said the poles are a pain in the ass. Other than that, the tent seems decent.

For me the issue is that so many tents are too short I’m 6’5" (195cm) tall and add a few inches of sleeping bag to that and I have problems with comfort and condensation. I’m seriously leaning towards a hammock and tarp.

I like the Zpacks and Tarptent designs. I would be inclined to favor the Tarptent due to the affordability.

Six Moon Designs Lunar Solar LE is another that I have been researching.

That’s what i’m trying. My custom order Borah Gear tarp and bivy was like $120 IIRC. Should be here soon. Can’t wait!

I am a hammock guy. Currently using a dutchgear 11’ hammock and a warbonnett superfly tarp.

happy to see you here buddy

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I know this thread is about tents, but, sleeping bags and mats are on that list too! It would be a long night in a tent without a good bag and pad. I have a cheap synthetic bag for summer conditions in the mountains. It’s good to 30 degrees. Wouldn’t want to go lower than that. I have a Kelty Lightyear down bag and I’ve had it down to the teens. It’s the bag that goes with me backpacking. I also have a Jacks R Better/Titanium Goat quilt with 900fp down. That thing packs down real small. It also is used for backpacking when the temps in the mountains aren’t going to swing so drastically.

The mats I use vary from the blue pad to a Synmat.

@Chris just linked me to this and I’m kinda bummed lol.

Looks like a decent lightweight setup, very similar to what I bought from borah, for a little less.
Borah will likely take better care of me though, and I like supporting a cottage manufacturer.


So tempting. I have zero need for this though. Must. Resist.

That seems like it would not be a good site for me to join, haha.