So, I thought I would share this.
I have been fishing bombers without success for salmon.

A couple years ago I had bought a bunch of cheap ones online and shared them with a buddy of mine.

This year I asked my friend if he managed any salmon on the ones I gave him. He said no, but they were candy for largemouth bass and he caught several, before a beast came along and took each and every one he had. He also noted that they culled the bluegill but crappie would take them.

I thought I would share this as the bombers are easy to tie and are tenkara friendly. Just skipping the salmon hooks will make them much lighter. I know some of you target lmb and other warm water species.


I also tried to make tenkara-bombers

How to make

Body shape is your choice

I think the same thing too

very nice. I like your fly tying skill.

another variant…
Some guys use an ausable bomber for trout. Dubbing for body shape in place of trimmed deer hair.

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