Buffalo Mountain Shirt

I’m not much for being out in really cold weather anymore, but when I do I really like my Buffalo Mountain Shirt.
Made by Buffalo Systems in the UK. They are made to be worn next to the skin, or only over a light tee-shirt. I have found them to be very warm in below freezing temperatures, and very versatile. With many ways to regulate your temperature.

I ordered mine from Jackson-Sports in Ireland. They do a great job with everything I have ordered from them. I think some suppliers in the USA. moosejaw, backcountry, etc. may carry them but are more limited in sizes, colors, etc.



Buffalo Systems also make a similar model called the Special 6, developed for British S.Forces, Mountain Rescue teams, etc.


BMS, is the original, but other companies such as Montane, make clones. They call their version the Montane Extreme Smock. I wavered for a while which one to order, but went with the original. One advantage with the Montane model is the hood is included. For the Buffalo Mountain Shirt the hood is an option that can be ordered separately. The Montane Extreme Jacket would be the competitor to the BMS Special 6.


Anyway, features not obvious in the above: the BMS has two-way side zippers on each side, they can be opened a little from top or bottom to regulate ventilation. The lower front pocket is open side to side, and inside it is a strap that can be tightened to shutoff drafts getting inside. The chest pocket is convenient to store gloves, mittens, hat, etc.

I also have the Buffalo Pertex Pile Mittens. Work great too.


I discovered Jackson-Sports when I was looking for a legal supplier of the Silva, Expedition 54 compass. (Silva Sweden compasses are no longer legally / officially sold in the USA. ) The discovery ended up costing me a lot more money after I discovered these items, well those and the Montane Terra or Super Terra pants. However, I have been quite pleased with all of them.

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Thanks David for the info and where to order them.

Kookagee, I would recommend you do a google search for reviews comparing the Buffalo Mountain Shirt vs Buffalo Special 6, vs Montane Extreme Smock, etc. A few blogs, forums or videos can be found that are more than just supplier websites giving you a sales pitch.

The Special 6 seems to be the same thing only made with a little tougher materials, and some people like the Montane product better, seems that Buffalo invented the basic idea, and Montane wanting in on the action, added what some people feel are improvements. afaik, both are made in Sheffield. And there are similar products from both companies that are lighter weight models. Or similar competing products are made by Rab, and other companies. I have found the Buffalo shirt to be too warm to wear unless it is pretty chilly out. And their design purpose is to eliminate layering, substituting opening the zippers to vent in cooler air when you’re to warm, or zip up when it’s cooler or you’re less active. Last evening I found there is a buffalosystemsusa website, but their offerings are few, and about $60 higher in price. Shipping from Dublin or Cork is only about $10 ~ 13.

I don’t know if the Jackson-sports webpage now automatically switches to USA pricing. It does for me, but that may be due to cookies. If it doesn’t automatically switch over this is the process I had to use this process: First, Go to the bottom of the page and click on Shipping, select shipping to USA. This removes VAT from the price. Next - Go to the top and switch the currency to US Dollars. This will both remove the VAT from the pricing, and give you pricing in USD, and estimated shipping in USD.

Those look great! And seem to be very lightweight for the amount of warmth and protection. Might just have to start dropping some birthday hints. :smiley:

I need to eat my words a little bit here. The Buffalo Systems Mountain Shirt & the Special 6 shirt are essentially the same thing, the Special 6 is a little bit longer & heavier. I debated for a long time which one to order. Last night looking at the two again on Jackson Sports website I noticed something that rung a bell. The Special 6 cost about $10 more than the Mountain Shirt, but the shipping cost of the Special 6 is about $7 less than shipping for the Mountain Shirt. About $19 vs $26. I thought Hey I remember that, I could order the Special 6 for only $3 more once shipping is included in the total price. Dug it out & after looking all over I finally found the label that showed I actually ordered the Special 6. Sorry for getting that wrong. I had forgotten that and at a glance they look the same.

They are a different type of garment, not for everyone, and as mentioned before probably to warm in just chilly temps, very good in my experience when it’s cold.

You might find this history of a Pile Pertex wear interesting, you can not read the whole thing unless you’re a member of Backpacking Light, only the preview portion, (and I’m no longer a member), but even the preview is interesting.


Thank for the extra information. I’m going to order one today.

If in doubt about sizing ask them. They’ve been very helpful in the past.
They’re called a Shirt not a Jacket for a reason. You want a snug fit, but not to tight. Hope you like it. It takes a few repetitions to get the hang of putting on & taking it off.

I ordered a pair of Montane pants earlier today. They had them in a new color not available before.
( do you ever wonder why we call them a pair of pants when there is only one and not two? Very weird. Similar to how saying George is Fast, can mean he is quick, or he is stuck somewhere and cannot get loose.)