Calm pool Browns, Victoria Australia

G’day team,

Had another crack at same creek from my earlier post, however a different stretch this time. I love this particular creek because the fish habitat and topography changes significantly and it is all within an easy drive of where I live.
This time I was in a stretch where there were some rifts and rapids but mainly dominated by large calm, low flow pools.

I had a bit of a poke around the rifts with the Sagiri 39MC but wasn’t getting any strikes, that’s not to say the fish weren’t there as I did see a small Brown in about two inches of water nestled right in the current against a rock, but spooked it before I could capitalize.

I moved on to the tail end of the large pool pictured above, and began flicking about a tiny bead headed nymph pattern.
I immediately started getting more rises and strikes in the pool, and from decent sized fish too.

The above pictured Brown was sight-cast to as I spotted him only about 2-3m from where I was standing in the pool. I pretty much always get camo-ed up for tenkara fishing now and try my upmost to make as minimal amount of disturbance to the water as possible.

Another beautiful Brown Trout. This one I believe came back for a second go as I lost him on the first strike, but recast immediately to the same position and hooked up.

I had to cut the session short there (2hrs) as I needed to get back in order to head off to work. A fantastic start to the day despite the wet wading through the chilly water and 8 degrees celsius air temp.


I think cammo-ing up is a big help for tenkara personally, especially when trout can be so flighty. I’m sure with other fish its not always such a deal.
Nice looking spot…have to try to come along with you some time.

I’m a camo fan also.

Great looking country!


Sure, you show me the Rainbows, I’ll show you the Browns.

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