[CANCELLED] Making room for new stuff

Sold: Tenkarabum 40 - $190
Zimmerbuilt tenkara guide sling with custom strap pack - $90

See photos below. All prices include shipping in US. Will include fuji rod caps for rods.

IMG_0455 IMG_0456 IMG_0457

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Ohh, I’ve been really wanting an Oni Type III and just bought a rod. :astonished::sob:

Well, you know where one is waiting if you want to pick it up :slight_smile:

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The horder in me is having second thoughts on selling the Oni. Pulling it off this list for now. TB40 and sling both still available.

Selling my Type 3 is my biggest tenkara regret. I dont fish a lot of tenkara these days, so I haven’t replaced it but I definitely miss it at times.

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