[CANCELLED] WTB 13' to 14' rod

Hello members - looking for a 13’ to 14’ rod for more open mountain streams and medium size trout. Have a Rhodo and Mizuchi but looking for a rod with a little more reach. Need it to collapse to around 20-21 inches. Zoom OK. Used preferred. Think TUSA Ito or Tenkara Bum Traveler 40 etc.
Shipping to Bozeman, MT would be required.

I have a few rods which may fit your need.

  1. Wakata 390 6:4 $100
  2. Nissin Royal Stage 400 6:4 $200
  3. Nissin Fine Mode Nagare 2 way 390 $150
  4. Matsugo 390 6:4 $150

Shipping included. Payment via PayPal friends

Lan, it’s great to hear from someone in MT! I am in Billings and fish all over the state. The Royal stage 400 listed above is very similar to my zerosum 400 and is great rod (Mine is 7:3 though). That would cover a lot of water in your area. That would be MUCH more enjoyable to fish than the Ito IMO based on the weight and tip heaviness of the Ito ( I owned one. I enjoyed it until I started fishing more rods). A Nissin Oni 395 would be great…I have the 450…but they are 25” collapsed. 4-4.5m are my favorite length out here. Give some consideration to the TB 400 as well. Good luck in your search.

An addendum to my offer.

First, all rods are brand new and have never had a line attached so they have not even been demonstration cast.

Second, free shipping CONUS only

Thanks Barry -
Wow, that is quite a list.
I will check out the specs of these rods as they are all new to me :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the research and will contact you soon.