[CANCELLED] WTB: Dragontail Talon Mini

As these are in back order , I am interested if anyone has one they want to sell. Lmk. Thanks

These are brand new. They had a blemish sale in July or early August I believe and it was sold out in one hour. The first real batch was in late Sept. The next group Iā€™m guessing will be out in Dec hopefully. They are a nice rod and I only had mine for about 4 weeks. The next batch after your order will be late Jan. I think. In Feb the Ragnarock will be out for the pre-order people. I hope you will find one for sale. Sometimes anglers buy them and fish them a couple of times and then sell them and move on to the next new rod. The very best of luck getting one and I hope your pre-order gets to you in Nov. instead of Dec. Take care my friend.

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The January TalonMINI rod shipment will probably sell out near the end of this year before the shipment arrives, it is a crazy selling rod.

Thanks for the information guys. No hurry on my end. Just seeing if anyone has one they want to sell. Let me know.

Got one! Thanks

Please close the thread.