Carrying rods upside down

Up for discussion: Does carrying a rod upside down harm the rod tip/lillan/micro swivel?

I have a Zimmerbuilt pack (Deaddrift pack). There are two rod pockets built to carry one rod each. Like many of the packs at Zimmerbuilt he indicates that the pockets will carry two rods with the rod handles in alternating directions (one upside down). I don’t usually carry more than two rods with me if I am fishing local. But if I am going somewhere new or taking a friend, I will bring more. Every time I insert a rod upside down in the pack I can’t help but wonder if I am doing any damage while hiking over what is usually uneven terrain. I haven’t noticed any issues after the few times I have carried rods in this way, but I wonder about long term affects with repeated use.

What do you think? Good or bad practice?

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What a great question, I store some rods in a vase upside down but never hike with rods in that position. I will be interested to see what the experts have to say.

I’ve done it. Running or riding a mountain bike is more jarring than walking. It’s a non issue when you consider what the weight of a few rod sections is resting on the string or micro-swivel (grams?). There’s more pressure exerted on the lillian from the level line being tied to it.