Caught 2 aquatic turtles + 1 snake today?

What’s up with the reptiles in Midlothian, VA. I went to a local pond in Chesterfied Co. today and never caught any fish. However, I caught 2 painted turtles and one small northern banded water snake. I used the typical kebari (it has a white body, white thread, white hackle, and white crystal thread for the head) and I couldn’t buy a fish today. They must have sent their friends to raise havoc on my TUSA Sato rod.
Maybe they heard about the food shortages at the grocery stores. Even the animal kingdom is freaking out. :wolf:


It seems turtles like white feathers.

A small creek runs along the south side of my property. The property on the other side has been vacant for at least 35 years.

Until about two years ago when an older couple (and at my age I have to be careful who I call an older couple, as they might be younger than myself) built a house, a shed, a barn, dug out a pond, and fenced in a pasture field to keep quite a zoo of farm animals they keep as pets.

Wild and domestic turkeys, four or 5 breeds of chickens, including Silkie chickens. Recently adding a donkey, then two ponies, and more recently two small goats (which occasionally are seen standing on the back of one of the ponies or the donkey, how they get up there I haven’t a clue). The couple doesn’t eat eggs. With the result being ever once in a while they bring us a bucket full of the huge duck eggs or small eggs in various colors produced by the different breeds of chickens.

One day last summer they opened the gate to lead their considerable flock of white ducks to the pond for a swim. For the first and last time. I think the ducks were in the pond less than 30 minutes before a snapping turtle latched onto the leg of one of the ducks. :fearful: They finally got the poor duck away from the turtle. But the ducks haven’t been back to the pond. They make do with their kiddie pool.

For ten years or so we had a flock of mallards in our creek. But after several years with a stable population they gradually they disappeared over about a three year duration, invited to dinner by local foxes, or coyotes, I think. Or their eggs taken by raccoons. I kind of miss them laying eggs in my wife’s flower garden. But the ducklings always had a high mortality rate.

Anyway, I’ve never caught a turtle. I have had a snapping turtle turn up swimming around in a favorite fishing spot, motivating me cast my fly elsewhere least he decide to take my fly. Only in salt water have I caught something I’d rather not have on the end of my line. Often something I had no idea what it was, that had big teeth or an eel.

This afternoon our state governor had a news presser, about various actions concerning COVID-19. Including closing of lodges in the state parks.

But also announcing the spring trout stocking would proceed on schedule as always, no better way for “social distancing”.


Tell your neighbor the duck eating turtle will make great soup. :smiley: Just an idea unless they are
vegetarian or a member of PETA. All joking aside, take care and stay healthy, David.