Collective Article, (volunteers needed)

I am at it again creating an collective piece on tenkara from the community.

I will give this place five slots for volunteers.

That’s it.

Once the article has twenty or so people, it becomes difficult to manage the reminders and files, photographs and I’m doing this for other reasons than money…

I will be contacting these anglers already for their input so if you are on the list, and you want to do it, you do not have to respond.

In no particular order…

Chris Stewart
John Veterlli
Adam Klagsbrun
Michael Agneta
Craig Thoreson
David Walker
Jay Johnson
Jason Klass

Respond (reply) to this thread with your affirmation, I will send you easy instructions to submit.

This will not be a technical article but if you want to make it that, feel free.

The first five to reply will be included.

Otherwise, contact me directly and I will consider your submission.

I hope your holidays were awesome and you are getting some flys tied.

Seasons Greetings my friends!



What is the topic for the article?

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I don’t know what it’s about but sounds interesting so I’ll volunteer.

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It will be good.

Vladmir, are you in?

Yes Adam, I need to try!

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I am in too! Sign me up!

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Yeah, sure, I will give it a look.
"This will not be a technical article " a mystery.
However, my wife can assure you, I never have anything to say that is interesting. Unless you consider odd ramblings, interesting. :roll_eyes:

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What the heck Adam, deal me in.

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I’m not sure I qualify but would be interested.

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“What I have learned about tenkara.”

That’s it.

Simple or as complex as you want to make it.

One picture along with what you have learned about tenkara.

That’s six of you, that fulfills my request. I will send each of you instructions.

Thank you.

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I am looking forward to seeing/reading this project. I know it will be awesome. You have a great
group of talented people. The very best in pursuing this project.
I hope you have a Happy New Year.

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JeffR is in.

@Kookagee you want to do this?

I’m doing another collective article on tenkara.

I am asking for your participation.

The title of the article is, “What I’ve Learned About Tenkara.” That is for you to interpret and your choice of what to write about.

4-8 paragraphs or more with a single photo. Let’s give it till January 31st.

Thank you for your consideration.


If you really think you want to participate, send your pic and piece to: adam(at)

This will be another interpretive piece.

Already getting good response, interesting contemplative answers.

Feel free to answer as you may.

Adam, I’m in if you will have me. I’m not in the same league as the other well-known people but I will be more than happy to help in any capacity.

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You are in.

Adam, Article and photo sent. Thanks for including me. Take care.


Been pondering this a lot prior to putting pen to paper, and have found tenkara has influenced me in a much deeper way than it appears on the surface.


I am receiving replies.

Please don’t hint here what you write.

Let’s let it be a surprise.

Oh, guess I was to slow to make the six count cutoff, as I haven’t received any instructions.
However, I will still give it some thought and if I think of anything that seems worthy, send it to the address given earlier.