Colorado Fryingpan

Hey all, don’t post a ton here, although I’m always lurking… :slight_smile:

I had the opportunity to fish alongside @Peder (and a few other members of this forum that might also be lurkers) last month out in Colorado. Finally got around to doing a trip write up and sharing some photos over on my blog.

I felt compelled to post because I had no idea that Peder was not only a skilled angler and good dude to hang out with, but also very talented in the kitchen. He insisted on preparing the camp meals each night and kept our group of anglers very, very, very well fed. He not only crushed it on the Fryingpan (River) with the fish but also with the frying pan on our tiny stovetop as well. So I guess what I’m saying, is if you get a chance to fish with Peder, you probably won’t go hungry!

Oh, and thanks to him, I’m now obsessed with tteokbokki.


Great write up, what a fun trip! I use a Nite Ize tether I picked up at REI that has worked well for me, I’ve also dropped and almost lost a phone. I didn’t know where I’d dropped it in the river and spent 45 minutes looking for it figuring it was gone until I lucked out and caught a glint of sun reflect off the screen as it was pinned in the current to a rock.


If my phone is along I keep it in a waterproof clear pouch. For pictures I use my waterproof Panasonic TS5 which is tethered to my kit.


Thanks for the kind words and great write up of our trip @troutrageous1. There are a few lurkers from the group but I don’t know how often they show up. @Jonathan_Antunez @FallfishTenkara @NotoriousToker are all here.

Hey, just because we’re pseudo camping doesn’t mean we have to eat out of a box or bag. As @Jonathan_Antunez can attest, I don’t eat fast food and avoid junk food. Besides, it’s always fun (at least for my better half and me) to give people new food experiences like the Japanese curry and tteokbokki!

It was great fishing with you and the other guys and hanging out in CO. I hope we can do out again.

For what it’s worth to everyone else, @troutrageous1 is very modest. He’s a brilliant tenkara fisherman and great to talk with off the water! His humility put the rest of us to shame.

By the way, I’ve only seen it written as Fryingpan, not as two words. Prior to meeting the group, we stayed at a campground that had it written as one word.


What a wonderful trip report @troutrageous1 It was great to finally meet you in person. I am excited for Binchotan 2021! Whatever the guys have in mind this year’s trip will be hard to beat :smile: