Creating Account on Tackleberry?

I’ve already got accts with and rakuten, but wanted to expand to tackleberry. Half for western gear as well as tenkara… I’ve found a nice selection of a certain kind of fly reels on there for very reasonable prices, in addition to all the goofy old Nissin and other tenkara rods.

Anyways, i got through the whole process of registration, to the confirmation page, and have the following:
After confirming the contents, please click the “Temporary registration” button if you like.

Bottom of the page there are two buttons, neither of which seem to do anything. I’m in Chrome with adblocking turned off for the site.
Has anybody else successfully created an account with tackleberry?

I’ve thought about it a few times, but have never done so. Did you ever get it working?

Yes !
Tackleberry is also it has been fully scrutinized very cheap goods
There is a store near my house

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I hadn’t tried any since that night. I’ll give it another go tomorrow or something and let you guys know. It’s not anything I NEED, just some things I want haha.