Creek fishing, Victoria Australia

G’day team,

After receiving my new Daiwa Sagiri 39MC, I was dying to try out the longer rod on a decent sized creek (where I caught the first crays).

Up I got at 0600hrs and headed off to the creek. It was a cool 12.5 degrees celsius with partial cloud cover.
After flicking around a small brown kebari I wasn’t feeling confident, the flow was slow and the water a bit murky from some recent rainfall. I switched to a tiny bead-head nymph and on the very next cast hooked onto and landed a decent brown trout.

The fish put up a tremendous fight for the light rod and had me stumbling around on the slippery uneven boulders that are plentiful to this creek. This section of the creek is made up of mostly large rocks and boulders which give the fish lots of nooks and crannies to hide in. I guess that’s why the weighted nymph was able to get a strike.

After hooking up with another two small fish that spat the hooks, I began searching for the little white claws of the Murray Crays again.

A terrific morning creek fishing here in Victoria, Australia.



That’s a fine-looking fish. I should try more creeks…I’m told Healesville creeks can be productive.

Hey mate, glad to see you came across, welcome!

Yeah I’d like to have a go at a few of the streams around Healesville, the Acheron River near Buxton looks a goer.

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I drive over the Acheron when I go to the Taggerty…crossing it at Grantham, where it’s becoming more of a headwaters…but never fished it, I hear it gets flogged…