Daiwa Enshou rods — Still worth buying?

A regional e-shop appears to have the two models of the (discontinued?) Daiwa Enshou rods back in stock: the 4.1-meter LL41SF and the 3.26-meter LT33SF.

The price on each comes out to $165 with free shipping.

For those of you who have used these rods, are they still worth buying today? Any other thoughts on them? Recommendations between the two?

I don’t have either of those rods. I’ve had the LL 36 SF for five years or so now, and still think it is a great rod to fish with.

If I recall correctly Chris Steward believes the newer Daiwa Expert rods cast a little smoother and have improved damping. They also have a little longer collapsed length. My bet is for the price these SF rods would be a bargain. But whether the older rods for a low price or the newer models at a higher price, Daiwa or other make, would be your best choice only you can decide.

Maybe someone who actually uses the LL 41 or LT33 will give you a better opinion.

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Worth buying today? You bet! They are fantastic rods. Top notch. I’ve fished most of them and they are great.

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They are both very good, albeit very different rods.

Their main disadvantage is that replacement parts may become unavailable in a few years. Daiwa is committed to maintain a supply of replacement parts for 5 years after a model is discontinued, and I think we are already two years into that period.

I have the LT’s, built like tanks, never broke a part yet and I have land some very large fish on them.
Wonderful rods and well worth the investment.