Daiwa expert tenkara lt39

Anyone have any experience with this rod? Im not using it for bass it will be for trout. Bigger or higher water. I’ll be honest never have fished a tenkara rod above 20 pennies on the common cents scale. The Royal stage 400 7:3 had plenty of power but I don’t really care for it to much and don’t fish it. To be honest looking in that 395 to 400 class of rods I’m not to sure which way to go. It will be mostly a specialty rod but I want to like to fish it. Any experience with the Diawa or any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

I don’t have any experience with the Daiwa Expert, though I’m very curious about the Daiwa Master. Anyhow, I don’t want to side track your discussion here.

You asked about suggestions. What about the Nissin Oni Honryu 39? Great rod (I have fished that one and believe a couple of people on here have or had one) and I think it would do what you’re talking about and may be a little less expensive than the Daiwa, not to mention made in Japan.

I prefer rods around 20 pennies or less. I personally would not think there is need to go much heavier for any trout. I would even argue that going lighter is much more fun and a 14-16 penny rod will make quick work of just about any trout in any water. This summer I landed a 17" brown in some pretty heavy current…fishing a tusa rhodo.

Have you considered.the royal stage 400 6:4?
I recently picked up a 320 6:4, and it is my favorite. Such a fantastic blank…

I also like Peder’s suggestion.

I have the 450, which is just wonderful to cast, but too long for most of my fishing, so it collects dust.

It is hard to make recommendations.
The more you describe the specific application the better the advice.

What lines and kind of flies do you intend cast?
Can you share more details of the water you intend to fish? Type of river, depth, etc…
For the application you describe, what rods have you tried and how have they failed you?

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Thanks you guys for the replies! Yes I do agree about the Diawa masters I actually almost got one but went with something else. If they had a 13’ I would probably look into it. For the Royal stages I have everyone they made except for the 400 6:4 hahah great rod just want something different. My 13’ rod is my oni type one, great rod and can handle any trout out there under the right conditions. I just need something that isn’t so “tippy”. It has great backbone and will cast a bead head when asked to but I want something that can do both a little better. I’m not sure if I want the TB40 nothing against it just want to go a different route. The oni Honryu is probably the rod I’ll go with bc it’s really the only choice I have if I want to buy in the US. The Diawa looks nice but it seems like it’s to much rod for what I’m fishin for.

Luke bothell, did you ever get a Diawa Expert LT39 or get some responses regarding it? bob, ann arbor, mi

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I have the Oni Honryu 450 and love it! It is one of my favorite rods, but I also use my Daiwa Expert LT H44 when I feel I want/need more control since it’s a 35 penny rod vs 20 for the Oni Honryu. The Daiwa is significantly “beefier,” as Tenbum put it, and he has stated that it’s probably the best big fish tenkara rod available…after fishing it, I absolutely believe it. The Oni Honryu is more comfortable and enjoyable to fish and cast all day, but when I go after 20”+ trout in heavy water, I will quickly gravitate toward the Daiwa if I’m going to fish a tenkara rod (rather than perhaps a longer 2-handed Keiryu rod, for instance). It’s just a matter of what “niche” you’re trying to fill. I think the Oni Honryu with 3x tippet is tough to beat for most situations…I have only fished the 450, not the 395.

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New Rod Day for me. :grin: Thanks to you @bossbob50 and of course @CM_Stewart for the guidance. Can’t wait to try it out.


How do you like it? I have the expert LT H44 that I break out when I know BIG fish are a possibility. It is a beefy rod and provides excellent control in current.


Hear, hear. Let us know, please, how it works for you.

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Ok finally got to fish the Daiwa Expert 39 today. I had plans to go to Colorado Bend state park but I had to cancel . So I went to a little city park I’ve never tried . No bites for me or the guy using live minnows.

First impressions of my setup:

  1. Even a tiny tungsten bead was too heavy.

  2. The “floating” PVC line was more of a neitral buoyancy PVC line, and it was hard to keep slack out of it.

  3. The rod was surprisingly powerful at casting. Even a light casting motion would quickly send a light fly to the end of the line.

  4. It was unusually calm here today, so I still don’t know how it will cast in the heavier winds for which it was bought.

  5. I don’t know if “Stillwater Tenkara” is really my thing, I am looking forward to trying this at a River.

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