Daiwa Hinata Relay (new for 2017)


This is interesting. It’s a longer version of the Hinata, and a zoom rod at that. The zoom ranges are VERY interesting. It looks fun lol. I wonder how stiff it is?

I saw that on the Daiwa site just before Christmas and thought the color was pretty cool. I almost asked for it for Christmas but then stopped because I’m guessing it is stiff.

Here’s what lead to my suspicions (besides being a keiryu rod):

I have the Nissin Kotsugi (which is still for sale in the marketplace!! :wink:) and it is:

  • 2.6m long
  • 7 sections
  • 46cm collapsed
  • weighs 35g
  • Tip diameter of 0.85mm
  • Butt diameter of 20.8mm
  • Rated for 0.5-1.0号 line
  • I personally measured it at about 32 pennies

The Daiwa as comparison:

  • 2.8m long
  • 7 sections
  • 48cm collapsed
  • weighs 65g
  • tip diameter 0.7mm
  • butt diameter 22.1

My highly uneducated guess would be that it has a relatively sensitive tip (my Nissin does) but also have some serious backbone; potentially exceeding the penny rating of my Nissin. All of this said, it’s just my guess since I’ve never held the rod.

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They are stiff rods. I just posted my page on them http://www.tenkarabum.com/daiwa-hinata-chutsugi.html

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haha thanks for posting. These rods look sooooooooo cool, but do not sound like something I would enjoy. That is a shame.

Of the 3 rods you offer which one would you consider the most versatile?

The longest one. The shorter two really are limited to pretty small streams. The longest one, with 9’2" and 10’6" lengths can work on a wider range of stream sizes. Also, it can work on streams large enough to use it for Czech nymphing, which the shorter ones are really a bit too short for (even though they are stiff enough).

Thank you for getting back to me Chris. I must say the rod is beautiful from looking at the pictures on your web page.