Daiwa Minomushu 38 SOLD

First up the Daiwa Minomushu 38. $90
Picked this up in Japan to try it, I need more full flex in my life. This is a straight up Keiryu rod, would be great to nymph or bait fish.
Awesomely packable! I love the handle. I will probably grab the 51 version later on for crazy reach haha…
Great shape barely fished. Can’t find the carton I think I left it in Japan at my friend’s house lol.

Shimotsuke and nissin are sold

Next the little shimotsuke tenkara gen 240. $SOLD
I’ve had this several months since shortly after they came out. Awesome brookie rod! Works well with a variety of lines, and can throw quite the assortment of flies.
Deeper flex than any other rod this short I’m pretty sure, and I’ve tried quite a few.
I don’t know if it came with a sock, I only have the carton.

Nissin pro spec 2way 320 6:4… $55
Rod needs a repair, I have already talked with Chris Stewart (TBum) about the needed part, he said $38 (I think that is before shipping).
I also need to replace the oring on the post, will look for one at hardware store tomorrow…

Full history/disclosure, this is the second time I’ve broken this rod, and both times have 110% been my fault. First was a mean bill dance hook set on a big fish, second (today) was me forcing the zoom section (first above grip section) onto the retaining post of the butt cap, which had swelled up due to being put away wet.
I will find a new o-ring at home depot this week to replace the damaged one on there now.
The base of that section (first up from the grip) is splintered/splitting. Needs to be replaced for sure.

This is a WONDERFUL rod for small fish in small water. Think brookies, panfish, small bass (redeyes!!!), rainbows and browns in GA/WNC streams… WIth a replacement section from TBum, it would be ~$100 investment. Will ship with factory packaging AND one of those sweet TBum rod socks which is what I typically carry it in.

I just feel like me and this rod are not a good match at this point, bad juju.

See album link before for photos


The shimotsuke tenkara gen 240. $46 looks interesting. Prices do or do not include shipping?

The 240 is actually sold pending funds, and yes prices include shipping

Thanks for the fast reply. If the sale on the 240 falls through, put me in line.

240 is gone, but other rods are still avail and open to offers

Chris, how did the rod feel overall and what rod would you compare it to?

It’s a classic Keiryu rod from my limited experience with them. Prob a stiff 7:3, and a little tip heavy like the kiyotaki 36 I had a long time ago. The long eva grip is very comfortable and allows a nice two handed grip though, and it’s beautiful and very portable.

Lowered price on the Daiwa

also- I’ll throw in both a Tenkara USA line keeper (the “Keeper”) and one of those Yamawa flat spools as well. Will probably even have lines and flies on them because I’m lazy!

Prob gonna keep the Daiwa, finally hit a familiar stream and had a good time with some fish on the end of the line.

for some reason i can’t figure out how to edit the thread title, to indicate the minomushi is no longer for sale.