Daiwa Neo Tenkara Minomushi - 33 Saltwater Tenkara fishing for Rockfish

This video was uploaded about 2 weeks ago.
When the freshwater fishing is closed, go sea tenkara fishing, 海テンカラ釣り.
For メバル魚, Rockfish, Sebastes.




The ocean is a wild and whimsical place. So many species can be taken on a small fly. I dabbled a little with it last year. Fun!!

There is a history of fixed line fishing the salt here in the us. Cane poles and bamboo.

When I have spoken with many surfcasters they noted that they started as children fishing the docks and jetties with cane poles.

Nice video. His car is a Suzuki Jimny, which I have had three of in my time in Japan. Would be a perfect tenkara vehicle, since it can get you anywhere in 4x4…
I want one of these minomushi rods.

Nissin makes Mebaru (rockfish) rods specifically for that fishing style. I haven’t seen one and don’t know exactly how they are different than keiryu rods. I just ordered some of the mebaru jigs and soft plastics like he was using. I think they’ll be great for panfish.

While I haven’t seen one of those rods before either, I have seen a number of videos on YouTube about mebaru fishing. I could be mistaken, but the rods seem a bit softer than keiryu rods - at least from the action I’ve seen of the rods on YT (unfortunately, I can’t find them at the moment). While I could be totally wrong on this, in looking at the Nissin rods, if you look at how many sections they have for their length and their long overall collapsed length; I would suspect them to be softer than similar length keiryu rods. Like I said, it’s just a wild guess - I don’t know. Shimano makes a couple of rods too, like this one.

Mebaru is one of the most popular targets for Japanese anglers(bait fishing, lure fishing, fly fishing).
Kabura is the traditional item for salt water fishing, it’s like a lure or fly especially streamers.

I didn’t know 海テンカラ though, I wanna try it!

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宇崎日新のメバル竿 Uzaki Nisshin Mebaru Rods


ダイワのメバル竿 Daiwa Mebaru Rods
Listed under ロッド防波堤 Rod Breakwater

さぐりメバル SS SR Saguri Mebaru SS SR

さぐりメバル・F Saguri Mebaru ・F

夜凪メバル Yanagi Mebaru

There are several tenkara anglers who live near the ocean who mostly tenkara fish the sea on English blogs or forum post.
There are a few Japanese websites post about it.
A google search with these phrases will usually find them.
テンカラ竿 海釣り



A couple of months back I found this video, where he modified a チヌ竿, 中通し竿 , and called it Tenkara rod.
I don’t recall the name of the rod, when it was posted on the Tenkara-Fisher forum I figured out the rod model.
Clearly in the 十人十色 class.

2016秋 中通しテンカラで50cmオーバー連発!


And this video from the same YouTube channel of Dr. Ishigaki Lake fishing. Not his usual stream fishing.

2016.7 テンカラ大王と湖の釣り


However, I mostly started this topic because it was the first video I found of someone fishing with the Neo Tenkara Minomushi rod. My focus was not on the fact that he was tenkara fishing salt water.

Seeing the Mebaru jigs both in the video and in the picture CoffeeKohei posted sort of makes me thinking that the rod is probably stiffer, as it appears to be both a heavier wire hook and a lead bullet head. Cannot help but think that it is at least 4x heavier than anything I have in my freshwater flybox.

Rockfish here in the US are deceptively strong and scrappy for their size. When in danger …like when hooked…they beeline to their crevice in the reef or in this case jetty. I suspect the method would require some backbone to put the boots to those micro beasts. Some rockfish will fly into the crevice and flare their fins…so they are anchored their. I wonder if the ones in Japan have the same attributes.


You are probably right. Everything points to this meeting a pretty stiff rod. I wonder how it feels in comparison to a kiyose 33sf/keiryu-x 33?

Before checking this forum, the only youtube video I saw with a tenkara rod in saltwater was this one:

But the links from above are really really nice. Thanks for sharing.

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Like I said, maybe I’m wrong. No big deal. :wink:

Just going off my understanding of rods and what I’ve seen online. Incidentally, I thought they seemed a lot like what are called iso rods, which are used with a spinning reel and often for mebaru. They are very long (4-7m, sometimes longer) and quite flexible.


My note is also speculation. I have absolutely no idea…hahhaha, but its sort of fun to try to piece together the puzzle based on details.

My flying dragon 53(its a carp rod) is what I use in the salt. That thing is a broomstick…68 pennies I think. I caught striped bass, fluke, searobins, and scup on it. Most of these fish were small 15" and under. Every one of them put a decent arc in the rod and still had to be played a little before landing.

Even though it could be considered rigid rod…the tip is really soft…it just has a more aggressive taper. When watching the video David posted. The Minomushi seemed to have decent tip flex during the cast and hookset, but seemed to straighten itself out quite a bit in other portions of the video. Granted…those fish were small. Maybe one of the Chris’s will get one of these rods so we can get the real scoop.

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I totally agree Stephen! :grin:

Horia, I had not seen that video. I know of one guy in Hawaii (on Oahu) who post about Tenkara fishing on the TUSA forum, but I don’ think this is his video. He also seems to have the income to travel a lot, he sometimes post about tenkara in Montana, Texas, and Boy Scout events. I seem to recall he was planning trips to Hokkaido and Spain a couple of years ago, but I don’t recall if he posted anything about tenkara fishing there.

To be honest, I found that video looking for other tenkara related stuff and this was “sugested” video. I also don’t know the owner of the youtube channel.