Daiwa Soyokaze 27SR (+extras!) and Seiryu-X 35

Ultimate Soyokaze kit:
Full rod is the 27SR
Spare parts:
Grips to convert to 20 and 24sr
Top two sections. $130 shipped for this cult classic
This is a really special rod, and full kit of spare/extra parts to turn it into a small stream beast, but I’m trying to simplify my kit, not carry around a bunch of sections.

Seiryu-X 35 ebira kit, includes one of the sought after yamawa spools lol. $105 shipped
Loved this rod when I first got it, but I was fishing ~3.6m rods then. Now i’m either ~3-3.2m or 4-4.5m. 3.6 is no-man’s-land for me.
This is wonderful with panfish, small to medium trout, small to medium bass. I mostly use 2.5LL on it, feels about perfect.

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Chris, Off topic. But just wondering how your friend liked the Soyokaze 27SR rod I sold him.
I never heard back from him.

David he loves it, he’s been using it a lot

Soyokaze is sold

Seiryu-X 35 is SOLD

Thank you Chris again for a wonderful rod. Like new condition and fast delivery. Awesome!!!

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