Daiwa Soyokaze parts availability

So I acquired a Soyokaze 27SR about a month ago. Had been looking casually on various Japanese sites for parts to expand it’s range- wanted the handles for 16/21/24 (not necessarily all of them, but at least some). I was lucky in that mine included spare #1 and 2 sections already.

Well yesterday I sent Keiichi (of Tenkara-Ya) a message on FB asking about handle sections. Less than 12hrs later, good news. Daiwa has handles for 16/21/24, who knows what else. They are cheap (<$20 ea) and include the base cap. I’m gonna get all three from him and stop looking for short rods.

Just FYI if somebody has a Soyokaze that needs repair or you want to make it into another length.
Keiichi is awesome!

Did Keiichi tell you that the 16 grip won’t fit your rod?
It won’t.

Lol nope. Guess I won’t be getting that part