Dak-galbi with cheese

Now and again I look at the “sakanakokoro” blog for tenkara post.

No recent ones, but there was a post a couple of weeks ago – with a yummy looking spicy chicken stir fry, but with added cheese.

The title of the post :
Spicy chicken stuffed with melted cheese | Cheese Dakalbi

I had no clue what “Cheese Dakalbi” is, but an internet search revealed Dakalbi is a stir fried chicken dish of Korean origin.

But in this case, the author has added pizza cheese. Along with other changes to the Korean original recipe.

The weird translation will require some reading between the lines to follow his recipe and cooking directions. But I plan to give this a try. :wink:

Looks like my kind of meal. I think in April I hit 5 years of pretty much sticking to OMAD. Most of the time. And this is the kind of dish that appeals to me. When you only eat one meal a day, ya want it to be good. :smiley:


https://www.sakanakokoro.com/2020/02/02/ Spicy chicken stuffed with melted cheese | Cheese Dakalbi

An internet search for - Dakalbi recipes - turns up many other versions, in English.

Here’s - Cooking with Dog’s version of the dish. Which is quite different from the sakankokoro version, but probably closer to the Korean original.

I will most of the time reduce or eliminate the sugar, and skip the sweet potato and kirimochi to limit the carb count, or once in a while swap s. potato for the carrots. And I seldom have bean sprouts.

Cheese Dakgalbi Recipe (Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken with Vegetables) | Cooking with Dog



This looks delicious. :yum:

I’m going to get some ramen today thanks to your post.


I’m about to make champon! Mmmmmm