Daniel Galhardo: 18 Minute Complete Guide to Tenkara

First of a new series of videos according to the introduction.
This one is a mix of new video (or video I don’t recall seeing before) with bits of video from episodes uploaded over the previous few years.

The Complete Guide to Tenkara with Daniel Galhardo: 18 minutes covering everything on how-to tenkara
Jun 3, 2020

Video description:

Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about tenkara. In this video, Daniel Galhardo, who introduced tenkara outside of Japan, will guide you through all aspects of tenkara.

  • An introduction to tenkara [0:15]
  • The tenkara rod (how to open a tenkara rod, how to maintain it, and more) [1:55]
  • How to set up your tenkara rod, line and fly. Plus the knots used for tenkara [3:42]
  • All about tenkara flies [5:27]
  • How to cast with tenkara [7:15]
  • Tenkara techniques, how to present your tenkara flies and fly manipulation techniques [9:08]
  • Detecting strikes while fly-fishing and setting the hook with a tenkara rod [10:55]
  • How to land a fish with tenkara [12:41]
  • How to read waters in fly-fishing, and effectively covering a stream [14:32]
  • Catch and Release! How to properly release trout to minimize fish injury [16:14]

Back to the basics :wink: