Daniel Galhardo's book - Tenkara

Just finished a quick look through the PDF version of Daniel Galhardo’s book - Tenkara.
I expect to receive the print version probably early next week.
The official release date is two days from now on March 30th.


The first half of the book has many stories, and pictures that most who have been involved with tenkara for a few years have seen before. Starting on page 110, (page 57 in Adobe) is Part 3 Learning Tenkara, which is mostly new material, or new to me anyway. Many good pictures, diagrams, and explanations of techniques, reading streams, etc. Starting with reading water, types of streams, approaching the stream, covering the water, where the fish are, and so forth.

Page 71 / 138 (Adobe page / Printed page) introduces some new Japanese words used on the stream. One that I often heard on videos that took me a while to figure out is Dondon that he translates as move move, [ though I have seen & heard a similar sounding word - Chonchon (ちょんちょん) an onomatopoeia sound word meaning a rhythmic repetitive movement], Yukuri meaning to slow down the rate of twitching the kebari, and Asoko (あそこ) Over there, and a few others.

I’ve only noticed a few typos - such as a person’s name printed with multiple capital letters, and for some reason the pictures on pages 66 / 128 & 129, and 67 /130 & 131 are printed rotated 90˚. No big deal just rotate them cw.

I’ve checked a few of the QRC links on the pages, which is a nice interactive addition. Some are links to videos seen before others were new to me. The introduction to how to read the book explains how to use them if you’re unfamiliar with them.

The instruction section continues to pages 105 / 206 & 207 closing with how to handle fish and QRC link to a podcast on C & R. After that a glossary, other resources, and closing acknowledgements.

A book I think many will want to add to their Tenkara library.

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I’m looking forward to getting this book. I donated money on Kick Start so hopefully
I will receive a signed copy soon. However, I wouldn’t mind having a digital copy as well. I guess
I should have purchased both at the time it was offered. Maybe they will offer it later?
Thanks for the info ahead of time.

If you look at the previous link to the book. It shows that digital versions will be available, for $12.

Also there is a link to a pdf of 34 random pages from the book. Including pages with QRC codes, with the URL printed in the stamp, so you can also sample a few of the interactive features.


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Thanks David, that’s a big help. :smile_cat:

I bought this book on Kindle.
Reading books in English is still difficult for me though, I try hard to read this book.

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I could finish to read this book.
It’s a nice book also for Japanese tenkara anglers.
The thought of Daniel about tenkara is simple and pragmatic, he respects traditional tenkara and modern tenkara of Japan.
It will be suggestive for Japanese tenkara anglers too.


I read this book again.
I read a lot of books about tenkara at bookstores in Japan, so I’m sure that this book by Daniel is the best book for tenkara anglers. Better than the other books written in Japanese.
I’m surprised and glad that a foreign anglers work hard for understanding and practicing tenkara.