December Driftless Trip

I got out with a good friend, Brian Smith, in the Iowa Driftless yesterday. The fishing was slow but the company, scenery and weather were incredible. Water temp 49 deg, air temps into the mid 50s and no snow. Life is good.

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Winter should be arriving Sunday, snow is in eastern NE and western IA today. FWIW

Snow here tomorrow too. Just got the Oni type III and Tenbum has several others in the mail for me. Going to be looking for those bluebird days to do some testing over the next few months.

Good to meet up again Dave. Fishing was slow on Thursday but the company and the weather was good. Friday was a similar story on a IA creek I hadn’t fished in the past. A lot of beaver activity, maybe 4 dams in 200 metres, how the Brown Trout get upstream to spawn I don’t know. I turned over rocks, as I always do, no Baetis to be seen a few Caddis, Scuds, one Heptagenia and midge larvae.