Discover Tenkara Content Updates

Back in 2017 I subscribed to DT email “lessons” and have since purchased a few books and videos. I believe the content greatly helped me begin my Tenkara journey providing rapid results to improve my angling. Recently I’ve received a few emails from Dr. Paul notifying their “students” that DT courses and content were moving to a new platform; their DT website, with detailed instructions to help ensure those who have purchased DT content will continue to have access to it online. A big Thanks to Paul and John for that!

Also, they’ve updated the content to use the website as a platform for the course content that can provide some real advantages over printed content or just videos alone. As an example, the Manipulations “course” has more of a look and feel similar to the professional certification courses I was required to take in my career before I retired, and now with volunteer work I do, that emphasize key concepts to meet requirements for the certs. The course content is divided into modules and sections presented with text and video on the website making it easier for me to digest bite-sized chunks of specific concepts-techniques. My progress is “bookmarked” to make it easy to return to where I left off. One module contains a one hour HD video that is also divided into sections for specific techniques and has recaps of the key points for each section. The video can be downloaded and my Android tablet video player remembers where I left off so I can go through the sections at my own pace, one at a time, and not have to hunt to find where I left off.

I think Dr. Paul and John have done a terrific job with these courses and am looking forward to going through this material again!


They’ve made some really great content over the years, possibly the best Tenkara content I’ve seen.