Discover Tenkara Video 4 + Extra #tenkara #flyfishing

Likely many of you already know this, but last week Discover Tenkara posted the next in their series of short instructional videos on YouTube. I watched it last night and like all of the others, is well worth a watch - especially if you are new to tenkara. I think they are all a great way to introduce someone new to tenkara the basic techniques without purchasing the full length videos.

Episode 4

Episode 4 Extra

When Uberto Calligarich refers to Ryuta type kebari I assume he is referencing Ryuta’s elk hair kebari, which I also like and have tired to reproduce.

As seen in this video of him fishing in northern Italy

Con Ryuta in alta Valsassina

There was a link to a picture of the Ryuta kebari in the above blog post, but the link is broken.

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Ah, here is another version of the Ryuta Kebari that Uberto tied and uploaded to his youtube channel Sept 2016.