Do We Need a Stove Thread?

Well, of course! Post your pics here whatever method you use to prepare food in the wild.

I just received a Venom Super Stove (Zelph Stoves) today. Great little alcohol stove for boiling water. Weighs an ounce and needs a half ounce of HEET (yellow bottle) to boil a cup of water in about 6 minutes.

I haven’t messed with alcohol, a little intimidated lol.

I’ve got a MSR Pocket Rocket that I have had since like 2003, and it still works perfectly. Recently picked up a Soto Windmaster on sale, and it’s a very impressive stove for the money ~$50 on sale). Killer simmer control. I think it’s the cheapest regulated canister stove.

Shoot Chris it’s easy. I just tried the stove with HEET. A half ounce easily boiled a cup of water and the flame was still going after it reached the rolling boil. Awesome stove. You can make a simple one from a cat food can using a hole puncher if you wanted to try it out.

This is a good link:

I have an MSR Whisperlite that I got the year they came out. Many good memories associated with that little stove. It certainly has it’s quirks, for sure and isn’t the most efficient stove in the world; but, it has taken a beating and is still going strong.

For the past 15 years I haven’t done any backpacking or purchased any gear because up until not too long ago, my wife struggled with a chronic illness that prevented me from doing so. She’s thankfully recovered now and last year I started thinking about starting again. I’ve never considered an alcohol stove, but am very keen on the MSR PocketRocket 2.

A summary of alcohol fuel types

I am not in any way mechanically inclined, yet I was still able to construct a fully functional stove from a cat food can. It’s so easy your kids could do it…seriously.

It cost less than $1, weighs less than 1 oz. and it works. That makes it perfect for where I use it.

I’ll be using this 8.5 oz aluminum bottle to store HEET for the alcohol stove.

Trail Designs Caldera Cone Ti-Tri with wood as primary fuel source and Esbit cubes as backup during pouring rain when needing to cook under the vestibule. The cup is a Mountain Laurel Designs 850ml Ti cup/lid.


that is a sweet setup. I like the “reliability” of my gas stove(s), but I love the utility of cooking with more natural fuels.

Chris- I’ve been using this kit since 2010 and something like 2000+ trail miles. I also have a Soto Windmaster that I use during winter months.

I’ll play. Homemade catfood stove.


I’m still old school,… Have my Svea 123 and Optimus R fueled up and ready to go.


I realize this is completely off topic. But… I see a Darn Tough sock in the background. Best socks, ever. Made right here in Vermont too.


Ha, yes…didn’t even realize that was there. Definitely great socks. I haven’t yet needed the lifetime guarantee.

Primus Express Ti stove. I live in a tinder box until monsoon season, so often times alcohol and wood stoves are illegal to use. 2.47oz for a canister stove and roughly 7.3ish oz for a full canister of fuel isn’t too bad.

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What company makes the socks Peder? My son and I need some for the Fall season. I used Orvis hiking socks
before and they hold up pretty good but are pricey. If these are better I will order some. Thanks ahead of time for your help.

They are called Darn Tough. You can find them at many good sporting goods shops and online. Our local independent sport shop regularly has them on sale.

I guess it all depends what you call expensive. These generally range from $18-$25 per pair, depending on where you get them and what style you choose. They are the best socks I’ve ever owned and won’t wear anything else. I used to go through socks every 4-6 months. Been using these for 10 years now and have yet to kill a pair. Even if you do, they’ll replace them, no questions asked. Do the math. Buying cheap socks 3-4 times a year adds up quickly.

Peder, thank you for your help. This sounds great. I will order some.

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I haven’t looked into SOTO’s warranty yet, but the igniter on my windmaster is basically dead. Only “clicks” 1 out of 10 times at this point. I carry a Bic and a firesteel, so i’m still able to light it, but I don’t like carrying a stove with parts that are just dead weight lol.

I nearly bought a MSR Pocket Rocket 2 recently when I saw it on sale somewhere, it’s apparently a great upgrade over the original.
Campsaver has the Snow Peak Giga Power on sale for $40, I’ve ALWAYS wanted one of them… lol.
Snow Peak is up there with Mont Bell for me, they make so much fancy cool stuff that is so expensive but so desireable.

I emailed Soto and they are sending me a repair kit free of charge, hell yeah