Dr Ishigaki's Level Line book English translation

About 3 years ago I noticed a Russian translation of Dr. Ishigaki’s book, 「超明快レベルラインテンカラ」Ultra Clarity Level Line Tenkara, or whatever would be the more accurate translation of 超明快, had been published. At the time I thought it seemed odd that it would be available before an English translation, which would probably be accessible to more people. I guess the Russian tenkara fans are working harder than those who can translate Japanese into English.

His April 8th, 2013 blog post about the Russian translation.
超明快レベルラインテンカラがロシア語に, Ultra-clarity Level Line Tenkara is in Russian

Anyway, an English translation may be available soon.
This recently appeared on his blog.

My book “Super Clarity Level Line Tenkara” (Tsuribito Co.)
Because the English translation is progressing,
it will soon come out into the world.

[the Japanese language version of the book was released Feb 2011. Twenty-six months to get a Russian translation, & six years to get an English translation]

The sales pitch for the book it that it is based on his 35 years of tenkara experience. A reference tenkara textbook for someone just starting tenkara. Teaching basic skills, and advanced catching techniques for those who want to step up their skill level.

I’ve had a copy of the Japanese language version for a couple of years. So it will be fun to read an English version and not need to struggle so much to translate bits that interested me.

You can preview a few pages of the Japanese version at the following link. Though it has been my experience that the pages shown or blocked, sometimes change from one viewing to the next. (sorry about the long url)


Kind of interesting that two of the primary promoters of Tenkara, Daniel and Dr. Ishigaki, both have English language tenkara books published this spring. Assuming Dr. Ishigaki’s book is available on the schedule he seems to be expecting.


Are you keeping track of this?

I was just wondering the same thing.

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Only by periodically checking Dr Ishigaki’s blog for a release announcement. And also by keeping a watch on the TUSA website for an announcement.

Actually in a PM from Daniel Galhardo, he indicated two things: that he (and I assume his group who put together his Tenkara book) is working on producing the English translation edition. And secondly, it was a bit vaguely worded, but he seemed to indicate that the way the Russian edition was produced made it easier for them, but somehow it made it more difficult to make an English edition. Which may explain the additional years of delay. (I’m assuming some kind of copyright restriction is the cause)

Anyway, sorry for delayed reply. For the last three weeks I’ve mostly been where my internet access is restricted, which will remain the case for a few more weeks.

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Thanks for updating us.

Думаю Вам стоит купить эту книгу на русском языке, пока не вышла на английском.

Ah, well, I already have the book in the original Japanese language, I can read more of it in Japanese, little as that is, than I could in the Russian translation.

К сожалению это единственная книга о tenkara на русском языке.