Dragontail Mizuchi Soft Action Sections

Hey everyone,

I just got my hands on the Soft Action Sections for my Mizuchi. While i have not had the chance to fish it yet due to the weather around here. (its rained basically every weekend for the past month or so) I’ve had the chance to briefly take some practice casts with it in the yard.

So far, I really like the upgrade! I notice the change the most at the shorter lenghts of the Mizuchi. It loses a lot of the stiffness at those shorter lenghts.

Anyone else checked these out?

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I received my sections today and also an extra tip section. I haven’t tried it yet but I hope tomorrow it will get some use on a pond near my house. I’m going to fish the rod both ways to see the difference
in the action.


Fantastic! Looking forward to hearing what you think!

The rod has a nice smooth action and is slower than the original sections. I haven’t used it for trout fishing but I did catch some sunfish and two small largemouth bass. I didn’t have any problems with handling the fish. If I was going to use heavier line and/or a heavy bead head I might flip back to the original sections. I did use a small bead head on 3.0 level line without any problems. To be honest I like the versatility the rod has with the extra sections. If you feel you need a softer rod then switch the sections or if you need a little stiffer rod go with the original sections.
This was a great idea from Dragontail Tenkara. This company has really step up their game.


That’s great to hear! I’ve had similar results with him. Sunfish and perch have been a blast to catch with the softer sections installed and I’ve had better luck casting the rod at the shorter lengths with the new sections.

Highlight for me so far has been hooking into an almost 2lb bass, who took a smallish nymph (the @campkebari tailtucker). I was able to easily fight the fish to shore before it broke my tippet! It was a little scary, as i definitely felt like that was too much fish for that rod, but I can’t argue with the performance at all! I’m loving the new sections!


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