DragonTail Mizuchi - tested

Recently, I got to try out my Mizuchi on a small, overgrown waterway. It did everything it promised and is now my second favourite rod ever.


It is a great rod. I love the zoom feature and it’s very tough. The two things that stand out that I don’t like is the collapsed length is really long and the Lilian quality seems poor. Those are nit picky though as it is an amazing rod especially given the cost.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have narrowed down my next small stream rod to either the Muzuchi or Esoteric 206-245cm rod.

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Also, how is the casting at the shortest length?

I was casting a dry-dropper combo, and the dropper had a 2.0mm tungsten bead. due to the branches and brush, I could only do bow&arrow casting at 8 foot. It was very accurate.