Dragontail Small Stream Hybrid Glass Rod

Posted to one of the Tenkara Facebook Groups, coming later this hear at a price TBD.


If I were not so maxed out with rods this rod would be on my list. Seems very interesting and up my alley.

This rod isn’t the last thing that I NEED, but it’s way down the list.

The last few years of my rod and reel life I spent fishing nothing but cheap Cabela’s CGR fiberglass rods. A fiberglass rod, even a hybrid rod with a few carbon sections from a rod brand that I love is something that I just have to have.


Those Cabela’s CGR rods punch way above their weight, price-wise. I still use a 6’6" 4 wt for those situations where Tenkara rods just don’t work well at all.

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I’d agree on the CGR’s, I bought the 2wt just for laughs and it was instant love. I went back and bought all but the 7/8wt over the next month or so as they got them back in stock.

I don’t have high end carbon rods because expensive just isn’t my style, but those cheap S glass rods are amazing at $70. Feeling that bend is the only thing I truly miss about rod and reel fishing.

I mainly fish small streams like in the video. Currently I’m using a Nissin Tenkara Mini 270, but am intrigued by the zoom function of this rod. Does anyone think it would be a good buy or does my Nissin fill a close enough niche?

I enjoyed reading about the new rod and I think it would be very versatile. I believe the answer depends on the streams you fish…would it be helpful to have a shorter/longer rod at times? Would the increased collapsed length be an issue? One other consideration could be the different rod flex from your pocket mini depending on your casting preferences. That being said, I have several multi position rods and I really like them. They are great for packing or exploring new waters when you’re not sure what you’re going to find or want to carry fewer rods.


Ok guys, I need some help. What’s the fascination with fiberglass in rods?


It’s just a very different experience. I have S and E glass fly rods, and I very much prefer the Cabela’s CGR S glass rods. When your rod tip touches your grip, that’s full flex glass rod fishing.

Casting can be like casting a wet rope, but if the tug is the drug, the tug on on S glass is an overdose.

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I already have a 5:5 zoom rod that fishes at 300, 270, and 240 cm. It’s a lightweight beautifully casting rod for tight quarters and quickly adjusts for every small stream situation I encounter. It’s also great fun with 10"-13" fish. But I’m thinking about the Foxfire too and wondering if there are compelling reasons to purchase one given what I have.

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I have all fixed length rods and will probably stay that way. It seems that on all the reviews I read zoom rods cast differently at each length.

Really, unless you need the shorter lengths of this rod you should maybe pass.


Zoom rods do cast differently at their various lengths. You notice it less on some rods like the Mizuchi, Hydra or Hellbender. It becomes pretty apparent on the Mutant.


Personally, I don’t see the casting difference as a surprise or an issue. The penny rating will change slightly, the length/inertia/balance changes, the RFI changes, etc. They provide a versatility that can be very useful based on the streams that are being targeted. Granted, I usually use mine at the longest length, but the ability to shorten them when needed is advantageous and outweighs the differences in casting IMO. Heck, I have over 20 rods already and they all cast different. I enjoy that. It requires me to modify my form and makes me listen to the rod. I learn how subtle changes to hand pressure, force, tempo, stroke length, etc, affects the accuracy and efficiency of the cast. Again, I enjoy that.


I’ve been dreaming over the Tenryu Tf39A. I’ll have to read some reviews to see if that’s the feeling people have for that rod as well. Still waiting on a used one to pop up for sale somewhere

Which zoom rods do you own that you would recommend. I often time fish small blue line, brushy streams. However I just bought a canoe and would like something that could handle lakes as well. Don’t know if there’s anything out there that bridges all the gaps. I was thinking a TenkaraBum Traveler 39.

I have the traveler 39, and that is always the first one I recommend. I have three friends that bought it recently. I also have the tenryu 39TA, but that’s an entirely different price point. I’ve also had a couple Tenkara USA zoom rods which I enjoyed when I first started. I don’t have a small stream zoom rod anymore, which is why I was intrigued with the new dragontail rod.

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I love my tenryu 39TA, along with the non-zoom 39. Lots of opinions/reviews on it out there. I let a friend try it out recently and he was spellbound. Incredible fit and finish, even with the controversial color choice. It’s unique to say the least.

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From pricing alone I’m leaning towards the Traveler 39, but I’ve been told it’s not the best for throwing dry flies. Do you find this to be true? As I use CDC and Elk often

I have no idea why someone would say that. Dries obviously are light and air resistant, but I don’t see that it would be any more challenging with the 39 compared to another comparable rod. I think the flex profile would be great for it and I wouldn’t hesitate at all. Experiment with different casting technique or lines, but that would be true with any rod compared to lobbing weighted nymphs.