DT/Paul Gaskell's Tenkara the Full Low Down - blog post

It’s a longish post, but with some new information and perspectives I’ve not read before. I think you will find it time well spend if reading about tenkara history, transition or evolution and current state interest you.

DT Tenkara: the Full Lowdown

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@dwalker Thank you for introduction
It was a wonderful explanation

The word of tenkara was introduced in fishing magazines as a generic generic name
of kebari-turi(毛鉤-釣り) in the 1950s

Because it is a combination of only three pieces of rod, line and kebari,
how to fish according to the area is conveyed

For me the level line is used in combination of bait rod( 4.5m~longer)
・・・bait rod=渓流竿
level line is a way to use it from a long time ago

mountain streams tenkara using twisted line has evolved to aim very precise points

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I just found this yesterday. Good reading and interesting history. @Paul_Gaskell and JP have certainly done their research. Well done.

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Sometimes ya just never know what you’ll find searching the internet.

Doing a search, in English, for “Japanese Matagi Fishing Culture”, turned up a Feb 2017 article by Dr. Paul that largely covered the same tenkara material as the recent blog post.

Same topic but from a slightly different point of view or different focus. Maybe you will find it fun to read too.


I’m starting to wonder if Paul actually goes fishing. He may have a twin or a body double for the stream side pictures, while he writes tenkara stories and edits videos. Or he knows some ancient secret knowledge on how to store mass quantities of pre-heaven primordial qi, as the Chinese Qigong crowd would call it, so he doesn’t need to sleep. JP may also be in on the trick. :wink:


Thank you for the kind comments all.

One part of the trick is that JP does almost all of the video editing these days, but with my conservation day-job work the only real solution is 70-hour work weeks I’m afraid…Although I do get to count “going fishing” as “work” as long as material comes out of it ha ha ha.