Easter Surprise

The Easter bunny dropped off a package a few minutes ago! Can’t wait to try it out:


Wow, what an awesome rod!! Be sure to send the Easter Bunny some love.

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Which model did you get? I can’t wait to hear how it fished!

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The Seki Rei

How cool! What a wonderful surprise!

You should have been at the family Easter dinner this afternoon.
You could have joined in the debate about how old is too old to still be given an Easter basket.
I’ll bet you’d have been in the never to old column. Or would have switched to it right quick.

My wife, niece and I were talking about that topic at dinner tonight that you’re never too old to be a kid.

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Have you had a chance to cast the rod yet?

Not yet. I’ll be in New Mexico over the weekend and will give an update.


Fished for about 30 minutes this evening. Casts nice but no fish…yet.


My attitude - a rod that is fun / a joy to cast - makes not catching fish more tolerable, almost do not care. Almost. :roll_eyes:


I fished with the Seki Rei over the weekend. Very nice rod. It’s pleasing to the eye, the wood handle works good wet or dry and it easily handled the trout I was catching. I was using a #3.5 level line.


Wow great pictures, that rod looks incredible, can you describe it’s flex profile and action as you see it? Thanks for sharing.

It’s not full flex as you can see. The best I can describe it is that it would be between a 6:4 and a 7:3. Tip section is soft enough to cast a #3 but then the middle firms up. Fish under 8 inches put a little bend in the upper two sections.

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Sounds like the exact flex I like!

Beautiful color on that brown.

I think he’s been in that river a while.