End of season trips - Yarra, and Taggerty

Here’s my video of the end of season trips I took, to the top of the Yarra, and to the Taggerty.

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Thanks for the video. Both rivers look good. It’s nice to see the ‘upside down river’ is looking a lot clearer than down in Melbourne!

I live in the UK and have visited Oz 3 times. I fished the Tumut river near Tumbaraumba in the Snowy but although I have been to Melbourne I have never had the opportunity to fish in Victoria.

Ha! The ‘upside down river’ gets that way about 30 kilometres downstream, when it starts to run through a lot of clay. It picks up the clay particles which makes it look like that.
There’s lots of opportunities for fishing in Victoria, but I can’t get away for a lot of time so I tend to stick to places that are in easier reach.