Fielder Vol. 28 [Feature] Rethinking Tenkara (2016)

Fielder Vol.28 [特集] テンカラ再考 [ Feature (Tenkara Reconsidered / Rethinking)]
is an 8 page featured article by Sebata Yuzo.
The entire Fielder Vol.28 mook issue is 34 pages. With this title:
Fielder vol.28 大特集:野生派宣言
(SAKURA・MOOK 42) ムック – 2016/6/27

It seems they are available as epubs. { I have no idea how to obtain them, either from the Fielder website or from Amazon . jp}
fd028k_001.epub For the complete issue
fd028t_001.epub For the 8 page tenkara featured article.

Part of the TOC:
● Suitable for survival
Japan legacy of practical fishing of River Okina (nickname for Sebata-san)
・ Study with Yuzo Sehata and Survival climber ・ Huntori Hattori
Tenkara reconsidered.

The translated words Huntori Hattori (服部文祥) confused me for a bit - then I discovered they are a person’s name. He is famous mountain climber / survival guy, co-authored a book, Blessing of Forest and Water 『森と水の恵み』with Takakuwa Shin’ichi [ 高桑信一 ] Who also wrote the book, Genryū Tenkara [ 源流テンカラ] and several other books about mountain life and camping, etc.

Anyway, I think you can see most of the Sebata-san Fielder article Tenkara Reconsidered - on the following website.

Here is a link to the google translation. But it stripes out the pictures. Vol 28 Tenkara Reconsidered - Translation - No pictures

Maybe you will find it interesting. :wink:


Thank you for sharing.

It is an interesting article
Explains Mr. Sebata’s Tenkara briefly and carefully

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