Figure 8 Fishing Knots: In Depth Analysis for Loop, Dropper and Stoper Knots

Figure 8 Fishing Knots: In Depth Analysis for Loop, Dropper

This is related to the previous thread on Tippet Rings. But to post it there would bury it in a largely unrelated subject. I believe this is important enough that it should stand alone, where it can be easily recognized and found. I am using the Double Fig 8 Knot for my Tenkara Line and Leader Construction with great results. Enjoy and learn…Karl


As John mentions in the video, variations of the figure 8 knot have a variety of uses in climbing as well as fishing. I trusted my life to the figure 8 loops many times for climbing and mountain rescue work. I use them as stopper and tag “handle” knots on my level line arbor slip knots because the profile is larger than an overhand knot. A year ago in the video’s comments section I asked about the figure 8 compared to the Perfection Loop and his answer implies that the figure 8 loop is the stronger knot for tippet.


Brian, thank you for your input. I just did some testing with 5 and 6X tippet and that’s how it worked out for me as well, but the line was not always breaking at the knots. About half of the time, it broke in between the knots, so my tests to date have been inconclusive. My takeaway, go with the knot you find quickest and easiest to tie and waists the least material.