Fishing Cafe next issue Vol. 57

NEXT ISSUE VOL.57 2017年 8月
特集:「テンカラ釣りの奥義を探る」 ―シンプルな仕掛けに潜む深い技―
NEXT ISSUE VOL.57 August 2017
Special Feature: “Exploring the Mystery of Tenkara Fishing” - a deep technique hidden in a simple mechanism -

From the issue summary:
My crude translation:
For anglers who enjoy fly fishing there is western fly fishing, in Japan there is the traditional fly fishing, which is Tenkara.
Tenkara is on the rise in the world as well, and it is gaining attention as a secret boom.

The reason is found in "simple gimmick against the depth of the skills/techniques ".
A person who gotteen a pole in hand for the first time can catch a fish that day.

There are traditional kebari that have been passed down from each land,
Supported by the diversity of nature and climate and unique views of nature and skills of anglers, are summarized here.

In the next issue, we explore the tradition kebari culture of the masters who became legendary
and approach “the mystery of Tenkara fishing”.

Bottom of the web page provides the summary of Vol. 57

Dr. Ishigaki’s blog entry posted Aug 7th, about the issue [ has a couple of sample pages, but also links to a tenkara story in previous issue Vol 55]:
Fishing Cafe 技の奥義、テンカラの秘密
Fishing Cafe Mystery of Technique, the secret of Tenkara

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Thanks David, as usual.

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Here’s a little more from that.

I believe that’s previous issue # 56. Maybe I’m reading it wrong.

Since the time of the original post about Fishing Cafe Vol 57, they have added 4 pages of previews of the issue.

On page 3

Fujioka Yoshikazu [ 藤岡美和(ふじおか よしかず)] writes about the etymology of tenkara and it’s common roots with Ayu fishing or Tenkara rods and Ayu fishing. And tenkara and ayu kebari: “アユのテンカラ竿”。Ayu Tenkara Rod. Plus 『加賀のテンカラ毛鉤』“Kaga Tenkara fly.”

I thought it matching well with a couple of Todoroki-san’s blog post.

テンカラ竿で鮎釣り [ Ayu Fishing with Tenkara rod]
Kebariandfly テンカラ竿で鮎釣り

テンカラ竿用鮎毛鉤 [ Ayu Kebari for Tenkara Rod]
Kebariandfly テンカラ竿用鮎毛鉤