Fishing Culture Museum

釣り文化資料館 [Tsuri bunka shiryōkan] Fishing Culture Museum
The only place テンカラ is written is in the text below the 3d picture down from the top.

The next one is off topic a little, but a cool shop, that turned up in the museum search results.
神田の桜井釣具 [ Kanda no Sakurai tsurigu] Kanda’s Sakurai fishing gear.


Fukuoka city museum held 釣道楽の世界(Tsuri-doraku-no-sekai/The Angling Culture in Japan:History, Diversity, and Philosophy of Fishing) last year. It was interesting.

There were two blog post about that on the kebari.jugem blog post above.

This seems to be a promotional video for the event, and shown as part of the exhibit.

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BEGIN Japanology - Fishing
[alas, no tenkara fishing, and only a brief appearance of an Iwana, about half way through, as a model for handmade lures, but still a fun video with some insights to fishing history and culture. Including a history of Sanpei manga]