Fishing food #tenkara #japanesefood #テンカラ

I was looking through some photos from last year and realized I took a photo of my lunch whilst out fishing one day.

  • 北斎ニンジンつけもの (hokusai ninjin tsukemono) Chinese cabbage & carrot pickle
  • おにぎり (onigiri) Rice balls
  • みかん (mikan) satsuma

Do you carry any kind of food with you when you fish? If so, what?

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My food department is lacking and generally focused on lazy. Jerky and granola bars is usually how I go. When I’m fishing alone, which is most of the time, I generally don’t stop to eat or chill.

I usually fish alone too and generally if I’m out 4 hours or less I won’t eat, I only carry water. More than four hours, I carry food of some kind.

I do want to step up my food game on overnight and multi-day trips. I might get a hango to help facilitate more elegant meals.

I’ve been thinking about one too, but haven’t done enough camping of recent to really justify one.