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Photo contest result to convey the charm of mountain stream fishing
[Master Tenkara release commemoration]
Oct. 23, 2020【結果発表】渓流釣りの魅力を伝えるフォトコン/ Photo contest to convey the charm of mountain stream fishing

Bonus Tsuri Ticket Magazine article - Oct 8, 2020.

Hello Japan! [Tenkara situation in the United States] by Michael Agnetha
Hello japan!! [アメリカでのテンカラ事情] Michael Agnetha より 日本語

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Looking back the other direction to the tenkara situation in Japan.

Trends in Japanese Tenkara
by Satsuki Tanaka

[Preserved version] Necessary gimmicks when you start fishing tenkara
10/24/2020 【保存版】テンカラ釣りを始める時に必要な仕掛/ Necessary gimmichs starting fishing tenkara

Two videos from the above website:

[Summer mountain stream] I caught Amago and Iwana in Tenkara.

[Kids Tenkara] I caught an Iwana with a kebari

If you are unfamiliar with the Jointer tenkara rod used by the boy angler - here are some of the details of some of their tenkara products:

Rod to extend the idea of Tenkara.
Review of Jointer’s rod “Sprout” and impressions of actual fishing Review of Jointer’s rod “Sprout” and impressions of actual fishing

JOINTER テンカラロッドシリーズ解説動画
JOINTER Tenkara rod series commentary videos
Jul 29, 2020

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Another webpage about the situation today of tenkara in Japan. That I found somewhat surprising. Tenkara fishing is also banned on some managed streams, (fishing spots) in Japan. Just as it is banned on some streams in the USA.

In the USA people from have reported that tenkara fishing was banned on fly fishing only streams in their states. Most often it was banned due to the local law stating a reel must be used with the fly rod on fly fishing only streams. Other states seem to not include the reel requirement.

Tenkara fishing on fly fishing only streams seems to not be a problem in states where the rules do not specify a reel must be used, or may be permitted where local officials recognize tenkara as fly fishing and do not enforce compliance with the reel rule.

I do not know if similar reasons are behind the rule requiring a rod used on fly fishing only streams in the USA must have a reel. But it maybe the same reasoning is behind the reel rule. But I have never read the reasons for the reel rule.

According to the below webpages the main reason given for banning tenkara fishing is because it is difficult to distinguish it from bait fishing. But there are also a few other reasons given for banning tenkara fishing. The Japanese have many methods of bait fishing that use reeless telescopic rods that are not widely used in the USA. Making it a bigger problem in Japan than here to tell the difference from a distance.

Why are many managed fishing spots banning tenkara? 日本語 digital English translation

テンカラ禁止 [ Tenkara kinshi ] Tenkara prohibited (banned)