Fishing Trip Tip

Before leaving home to drive 4 hours, 200 miles, to where your plans are to go fishing every day possible over the next 9 days to two weeks. Make sure everything needed is in the car. :upside_down_face:

I did that a few weeks ago. Got to our vacation house Tue. evening. Went for a long hike on Wed, and out to the river to check water levels. Looked good.

Drove to the river on Thur. Donned cap, readied rod, line spool, and fly box. Then, where is my kit bag I carry on stream, with; fishing license, tippet spool, forceps, line nippers, extra line spool? 10 minute search confirmed it. It’s not in the car. To add to the insult. I recall when packing the car seeing it hanging in an unusual place, not where I normally keep it, and thinking - Don’t forget to come back and get it next trip to the car.

However, I found a spare pair of forceps in the car that I don’t much like, but they would do. And in all the years fishing here not once has a DNR guy asked to see my fishing license. Being in the gray beard class has it’s advantages. And I had enough spare line line spools in the car that if I needed tippet I could always cut the tippet off one of them, and transfer it to the line I preferred to use, no problem. And went fishing for a couple of hours.

The next day Mother Nature smiled on me to make the problem, not a problem. :cloud_with_rain:
It rained the next 24 hours, from light rain to heavy down pour. And rained every other day for the next several days. Until my time was up, and it was time to go home. [vacating the house so my son and several friends from Ohio could use the house over Labor Day weekend.]

After a week at home, I am now back. Alone for a week. Everything was in the car. Been here three day, but no fishing yet.

First day here a trip to the store revealed I had low tire pressure. The next day, completely flat tire. Rain put a stop to getting that figured out, and fixed, It’s not easy to get a flat repaired in a very rural area. But with the help from the guy who mows our lawn when we aren’t here for a few weeks we got it fixed. Sunshine held on till tire was fixed, and lawn mowed, then rain, again. Plus, it’s amazing how much the daily and night time temperatures have dropped vs two weeks ago. Shorts and tee shirt aren’t cutting it this trip. :wink:


Here is another one. Make sure the pair of wading boot you pack are actually a pair…and not two lefties.

Funny thing. I obviously decided to fish and wore the damned match. Both feet rolled right. I must have fell flat on my face 4 times…each time when i forgot the cruel joke that started the day.


Make sure you wear the rights on your next trip to eve out the wear patterns.

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Brother and I were in SE Minnesota a few weeks ago. The rental car had a leaking rear tire. It may have been something we picked up along the way during the two hour drive from the airport to our final location or the rental company missed it. Either way, we were in a rural area and there weren’t many options for tire repair plus we wanted to fish rather than mess with a tire. Fortunately Kwiktrips carry fix-a-flat and that’s what we ended up using. Sealed the leak.

Looks kind of painful. If the shoes aren’t oversized. Like you need to make a 270˚ turn to the right, to go left. Years ago when my employer’s training center was in Ct. One of instructors was a pretty knowledgable instructor, except he had a peculiar personality. He came to work one morning wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe. He blamed it on leaving home thirty minutes earlier than usual, and trying to be quiet and low profile because his wife and children were still asleep. It was a lame excuse, but it beat my goof, I messed up early in the afternoon.

What i will do to fish.

Definitely not comfortable or fashionable, but didnt let it ruin my day on the water. The trout got stung by a guy with two left feet. It was the talk of the brook for at leat a couple weeks.

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It’s good that I have one pair of boots! :laughing:


Did you cast to the right to balance things up?


:rofl: :rofl:

@davidsr I was rolling right, so had to cast left and hook a fish to hold me upright. When one trout would tire i would drop the rod tip to free it…then pulse the fly to hook up with a fresh one. Good thing i was on a decent biomass.