Five Ten Water Teenie (Size 9.5, Black) - $60 shipped (Sold)

Virtually brand new pair of now discontinued Water Teenie shoes in black. I wore them once and discovered I did not like the fit on my toes. The traction is fantastic. These boots have a bit of a cult following in the wet wading world.

I normally wear a size 8.5/9 sneaker. These fit with 2.5mm of neoprene.

PayPal gift or buyer pays fees. Free shipping in lower 48.

Sadly Adidas bought Five Ten and is discontinuing the water based shoe line.

Adidas is keeping the incredible soles the 5 10 line used though!
Nothing grips in a stream like them. Good shoe, great price, sadly not my size. :disappointed:

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When I ordered these shoes from 5/10 I did it over the phone. The person told me that Adidas in part bought them for the sole technology…so you know they are good!

These things are magic in the water and flexible enough to hike long miles in. If only Adidas continued this model.

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This is now listed on ebay if interested.

I glad you sold them. These wading shoes looked awesome.

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